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Anne-Marie Elias is the most innovative social disruptor I’ve ever met…We need her so much more than she needs us. Kathryn Greiner AO

Anne-Marie is a true ‘disrupter’ with enough energy to inspire this entire nation! Everyone walks away from her inspiring messages with a new way of thinking of our society’s challenges Sarah Cobourn

Lecturer - UTS Business School, Senior Office - Corporate Affairs - Hitachi Australia

Anne-Marie wears her passion on her sleeve. Her practical and collaborative approach to find solutions that overcome disadvantage is inspiring. David Liddiard OAM

CEO, David Liddiard Group

I worked with Anne-Marie on several projects bringing together corporate and public sector agencies. I have to say that Anne-Marie is one of the most dynamic energetic and charmingly persuasive people I know. She also brings insight and business connections to any project she is working on. Bernard Salt

Author, Advisor, Speaker

Anne-Marie Elias is a one in a million innovator and connector. She dreams the big ideas and then makes them happen. Meeting Anne-Marie has changed my perspective on the possibilities for strengthening our community. She adds the crucial ingredient of HOPE to the issue of dealing with the most vulnerable in our community. Hope this Chief Disrupter is out there disrupting…more Tracy Howe


Anne-Marie has been inspirational. Her passion for making things happen and her unwavering drive to deliver positive outcomes shine through in every engagement we have had with her. Anne-Marie clearly understands before you ask for more you need to demonstrate you are doing as much as you can with what you have and that real world pragmatism coupled with her incredible energy levels and obvious commitment makes it impossible not to want to join her on her mission to break the cycle of disadvantage in our society. Mike Fuller

Executive General Manager, Fujitsu

Anne-Marie sees problems as an opportunity to inject a new way of collaborative thinking. She has unique ability to marshal all components of society to facilitate and create effective outcomes for those in need David Pescud

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